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Vocational Training

This programme targets young adults, parents and caregivers of children who need a helping hand. We have special training programmes for vulnerable and differently abled youth as well. The skills we impart provide a variety of jobs or vocations to these young people that make them economically independent.

Some are given training to improve skills in the livelihood activities they are already involved in. (eg. animal husbandry, poultry farming, agriculture, vermiculture etc). Others are trained in new vocations.

Training programmes are selected to suit individuals, their circumstances and the job market. Such training enhances the ability of people to earn a sustainable income and improve their standard of living.

Job mediation forms an integral part of our interventions. We interact with job providers and try our best to place individuals trained by us in suitable jobs.

In communities where unemployment rate is very high, it is crucial that we strengthen the local economy through such initiatives.

Benefits of this Programme:
  • Reduces migration to cities
  • Supplements the income of parents/caretakers

The economic wellbeing of the community has a direct positive impact on the health and education of children.

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