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It was just beginning to dawn in a remote hamlet in Salem district; a local teacher who had ridden on his bike heard a peculiar wailing. Out of curiosity he had investigated and had found to his horror a new born baby still covered with blood being eaten alive by ants. The baby was obviously in agony as it was wailing loudly.

The teacher had picked up the baby and rushed her to our Home where immediate medical intervention was sought for the child, who now goes by the name of Priya. It was plain that the ants had nibbled away at the right side of her face. The doctors recommended a specialty hospital in Vellore, where the child was treated continuously for six months.

Priya is now eleven years old and she is on the verge of blossoming into a young lady. She is now part of our programme in Salem, unaware of her terrible past, as she continues to play happily with her friends. Quiz her about her ambitions and she smiles disarmingly and says that she would like to be a doctor and take care of people.

Poverty, coupled with the mindset of the people has made the going hard for the girl children. We have now started to address the root cause of this issue, which is the mindset of the people. Education and awareness play a vital role in addressing the issue of female infanticide in these villages.


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