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Roshan Singh comes from a very poor family.. He had 4 siblings and his parents found it hard to make a living. To add salt to injury, his father deserted them and his mom faced the Herculean task of carrying the entire burden of her family on her shoulders. She started working as a daily laborer and she was not able to support her children.

It is at this juncture (1992) Help A Child of India started helping Roshan. Roshan was a very bright lad. He used to say, “When I grow Big, I would be a Chartered Accountant and I would take care of my mother”. People around him would make fun of him for his statement. Yet none of their sarcastic comments bogged him down. He was determined to make his dream come true. He shamed all his distractors by successfully completing his CA and is now settled well with a good job. He is taking care of his mother now.

There are many more Roshans in India with great ambitions and dreams. One such dream can become true with your thoughtfulness.


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