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Niyati Naik, a bright nine year old girl from Kalahandi district of Orissa, excitedly gets ready to go to school. This was not the scenario a year ago. Niyati lives in a hamlet situated amidst dense forest. It is one of the most backward parts of Orissa, where road travel is almost impossible. Acute poverty, illiteracy and casteism are salient features in this region. Here the girl child is considered a burden and her education is given the least importance.Niyati’s parents are daily wage labourers who work long hours to make ends meet. Work is scarce, which results in them having to forego their meagre meal many times.


Niyati used to take care of her four siblings, while her parents were away at work. This ultimately led to her dropping out of school completely. Niyati’s parents were counselled by our staff on the importance of educating their child. Besides this, interactive activity based learning at our centres has helped Niyati regain her interest in academics. As a result of these efforts, Niyati’s life has been positively impacted. She has started to look forward to going to school. Niyati loves to come to the academic support centre to study and play with her friends, looking forward to the future with dreams in her eyes. After the intervention of Help A Child of India in Orissa, through the academic support centres, there has been a drastic increase in the attendance at the local school.

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