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One fourth of Orissa’s population comprises of the primitive tribes. The Kondhas are a primitive tribe in Orissa. They have peculiar tribal customs and practice nature worship. Most Kondhas live in one room tenements that not only house the family members, but also the cattle they rear. Kondhas follow a patriarchal form of society. A woman does not participate in any decision making or even sit on par with men. The women usually sit on the floor in a group, signifying their low social status. Mamita Majhi belongs to the Kondha tribe. She lives with her family in a dilapidated house which is on the verge of collapsing. Due to the low status of women in the community, Mamita was not sent to school. The interventions of our program have ensured that Mamita gets an education. Nutritious food and health care is also provided to Children like Mamita. Mamita and her friends would soon emerge as the first generation graduates from their community. They can bring a change in the community and can also be instruments in bringing about a better status for women. We can bring that change in the lives of children like Mamitha.

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