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Lalhminghlu of Cachar district, in Assam is the second among the five children of Mr.Rosanglien. He had lost his father at a very young age and the burden of taking care of his family fell on him. He also had to discontinue his education his due to financial problems. Lalhminghlu was also unable to earn sufficiently due to the scarcity of jobs available for an unskilled person. At this point of time Lalhminghlu joined the ‘Vocational Education and Training Centre’ to undergo non formal training in Bakery and confectionary for a period of 4(four months).This proved to be a turning point in his life. After his graduation, with our assistance of Rs,7000/- he started a bakery enterprise in his village . Within a short span of time, his sincere efforts paid off and Lalhminghlu’s products became popular not only among the residents of his own village, but the neighboring villages as well. His mother, with other family members are now assisting Lalhminghlu in running the enterprise at home, as he is unable to meet the demand for his products. Such Vocational training provides a source of livelihood to many young people across the country and also serves in helping them to be economically independent.

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