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Sports is her passion and she has overcome the odds to continuously secure the Karnataka state special Olympics championship for 3 years in a row .As a feather in her cap she secured second place in the international special Olympics held in Shanghai, China. There is something that makes her different from the rest, Kavitha is mentally challenged. Kavitha joined the special school when she was 7 years old. She was identified in the slums of Koramangala during a community outreach programme. Kavitha’s family was living in abject poverty, her father an alcoholic and her mother with borderline mental retardation. Her parents had 7 children out of which four had died due to neglect and poverty. She now has one younger brother who is also mentally challenged and an older brother a slow learner. Her father Radhakrishna is a coolie who is a daily labourer, mother Pallaniamma stays at home and takes care of the tiny hut with a single room. Their living space is so cramped that when Kavitha goes home for the holidays, she and her mother sleep inside during the night time, with the two boys and their father sleeping outside the hut. Kavitha is a mentally challenged child who after joining our special project has been able to maximize her skills and potentials with the help of therapists, special education teachers and her sports coach who trains her in games and sports. For last 4 years she has been able to continuously secure the championship of Karnataka State Special Olympics in 100 mts, long jump and Relay. Last year 2006 she participated in the All India Special Olympics sports and Athletics held in New Delhi where she came first in the 100 mts running race, Relay and long jump. Therefore she was selected to participate in the International Special Olympics held in Shanghai, China from 2nd October to 12th October 2007. The Government of India organized a special coaching camp for 3 weeks at Goa, Hosur and New Delhi where she participated. .The highlight was that she participated in the International Special Olympics in October 2007 and won 7th place in the 100 meters atheletics and also 2nd place in the 100 meters relay of the International Special Olympics at Shanghai. Kavitha is now a more confident and happy youngster who is not afraid to face the future.

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