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I would have been a street kid

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart;…” Jeremiah 1:5 This Bible verse constantly reminds me of the fact that God has set me apart and made me what I am today. It is He who used Help a Child to intervene in my life. I was a sponsored child of Help A Child who grew up in Children’s Home, Bhogpur. Today, I serve as Program Director of a large TB Program with World Vision India and this would not have been possible without the financial support I received from Help a Child. I am deeply grateful to my sponsors in the Netherlands, Mr. & Mrs. H. Dlumier. My paternal grandparents lost their lives in the riots that followed the partition of India. My father, a young lad at that time was stranded on the Pakistan side but with great difficulty he accomplished his desire of reaching the India. Though my father did not have a steady income, some of our relatives arranged the marriage of my father to my mother. My mother was only 13 at that time. When I was born, both my parents were just struggling to understand life, and financially, they were not in a position to take care of me. They were living in utter poverty and managing one meal a day was a herculean task. That is why I was brought to Bhogpur Children’s Home, run with the support of Help A Child. With the assistance of Help A Child, I completed my graduation in St. John’s College and later with a scholarship from the same college, I completed my Post Graduation in Statistics. Very early in life, I committed my life to work for the welfare of other children living in situations of poverty and oppression. That explains why I joined World Vision in May 1996 as a Research Associate. I have not looked back since then. Education and other basic necessities of life provided by Help A Child at the right time made a huge difference to my life. However I would rate the values and principles I was taught during my formative years even more precious. Without the intervention of Help A Child, I would have been a neglected street kid and I dread to think of what life could have been for me. Today, Help a Child of India continues to intervene in the lives of thousands of children as it did in my case. I am sure that with the financial help of people like you, many children will be blessed. I am also proud to serve as a Board member of Help A Child of India. -Subodh Kumar Subodh Kumar is a development professional with 14 years of experience. He is currently working with World Vision India as the Program Director for a large TB Program, funded by Global Fund.

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