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Children bear the brunt of poverty and this is often reflected in children staying away from school. At an age when children must be enjoying their childhood, they are busy earning part of their family’s livelihood. Illiteracy remains one of the greatest challenges India is facing today. We have the Right to Education Act in place but seeing that implemented is still a distant dream for millions of children in our country. They simply do not have access to education.

Even where there is access, quality of education is a big challenge. Help A Child of India’s intervention in the field of education has 3 sub-goals.

They are:
  • Access to education
  • Relevance to context and need
  • Quality

We work with local governments to establish schools where there is none. We influence them and sometimes we ourselves invest to upgrade the school infrastructure where the conditions are poor. We also work alongside the community to get the required teachers appointed. Our objective is to ensure that all children in our area of intervention are in school.

We believe that education should be relevant to the local context and should be useful for the community’s livelihood. There are no tailor made solutions to such issues. Here we interact with the community and the schools to influence the content and method of education.

Getting well qualified and skilled teachers in remotely located government schools is another big challenge. We take experts to such remote villages to train the teachers on innovative teaching methods. We also complement the school’s efforts by our Academic Support Centres.

An Academic Support Centre not only enhances the quality of education but also develops the overall personality of our children. This also serves as a “child friendly space�? and a bridge school for school drop outs.

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