Education : A Dream Beyond Bounds

Please sponsor a child Urmila, a little tribal girl lives alone with her mother in a remote village in one of the poorest States of India. She is a bright and intelligent girl who loves to go to school. She constantly dreams of a life beyond the bounds of her village.

Urmila's father had been ailing with a disease for many years, which the local Vaidhya (village physician) could not diagnose. Out of sheer frustration of being an additional burden to his already struggling family, he wandered into the nearby forest and his partly decomposed body was found by a search party after two days. The cause of death is unknown.

Despite her misfortunes, Urmila's mother does not mind working hard at the construction sites, her hands bruised and stomach empty, just to see her daughter study well and go for higher education. Yet, it is a huge struggle for her. She needs help.

Together we can make the dream of Urmila and her mother come true. There are many like Urmila who live in remote parts of our country, longing for a life beyond their circumstances. Sponsor a child and make a difference at just Rs.500/- a month!

Help A Child has been involved in child care in India for over 44 years.

Help A Child of India has 12AA tax exemption and is registered under TamilNadu Societies reg act 1975

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